"I'm so happy I came to the Health Fair"

May 01, 2017
"I'm so happy I came to the Health Fair"

Sergio Rodriguez enjoys a special moment with his granddaughters, Natalie A. Garza and Montserrat Ramos.

A free health screening and prompt care in the Emergency Room helped Sergio Rodriguez get his health back on track

For Sergio Rodriguez and many others in the community, the Health Fair in February at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center was an opportunity to learn about staying healthy and take advantage of free screenings. After having his blood pressure screened, Sergio recalls, “They explained to me that my blood pressure was very high and recommended that I be taken to the Emergency Room for more testing.”

Emergency Medicine Physician Pablo Lorenzo, MD, who was working in the ER that day, notes that many patients with high blood pressure do not realize they have it. For this reason, high blood pressure is sometimes called the “silent killer” because it can put people at an increased risk of a possible heart attack, stroke and other serious problems, Dr. Lorenzo says. “Screening is a very valuable diagnostic tool,” he adds, noting that it can detect risk factors for patients who need medical care.

After undergoing testing in the ER, Sergio was prescribed medication and advised to follow up with his doctor. ER Triage Nurse Nazario Dominguez, RN, notes that, along with medication, diet and exercise can play a key role in managing this condition. “I am now being seen by a local doctor here in town and getting regular checkups,” says Sergio. “I am able to spend time with my grandchildren and enjoy them without feeling sick,” he adds.

“I’m so happy I came to the Health Fair because I was able to find out that I had problems with my blood pressure and other conditions that they also told me about in the ER,” says Sergio. The care he’s now getting has improved his health and quality of life. “I am feeling so much better,” he says.

The Emergency Department at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center plays a crucial role in meeting the urgent health needs of area residents. If you or someone you’re with is experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 and get to the nearest emergency department right away.

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