Improved Imaging Experience

June 13, 2018
Improved Imaging Experience

The radiology technicians at Fort Duncan are pleased to offer a better patient experience!

A new CT scanner offers patients faster and more accurate CT scans

The radiology department at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center invested in a new CT scanner that will provide faster, lower-dose, high resolution imaging for patients. Director of Radiology Jeffrey Otto says that the new technology means an improved imaging experience for patients and more accurate scans for radiologists and physicians to use in diagnosis and treatment assessments.

Computed tomography (CT) uses a low dose of radiation to capture X-ray scans with multiple rotating sensors that produce detailed cross-sectional images of organs, bones and tissues to assess possible fractures, internal injuries, tumors, blood clots and conditions like heart disease, lung nodules and cancer.

Otto explains that the new CT machine has 10 times more sensors to produce higher quality scans in less time. “The new machine has reduced the amount of time a scan takes. It’s double the speed of our previous machine, so we are much faster.”

Faster CT scanning translates to shorter radiology visits and less radiation exposure for patients. Another feature is the lateral assist button that allows radiology technicians to easily adjust the position of patients in the scanner without having to physically push or pull them into place. This is important not just for patient comfort but also because the technicians are able to move patients who may be immobile because of a trauma injury.

For CT angiography scans of the heart and coronary arteries, the new machine has advanced technologies for capturing detailed images between heartbeats while diminishing the amount of time, IV contrast and radiation exposure necessary to evaluate which cardiac or vascular intervention a patient may require.

These enhancements offer patients at Fort Duncan a more comfortable imaging experience and provide more detailed results for diagnosis, which is the top priority for the radiology department.

A doctor’s order is required for a CT scan, and results are provided promptly.

New cardiac catheterization lab coming to Fort Duncan!

Fort Duncan is building a cardiac catheterization lab in a 1400 square foot space beside the Emergency Department. The lab will house a ceiling mounted imaging machine that allows the cardiologist to move freely while taking X-ray scans or performing minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat heart disease. The upgrade will vastly improve patient experience with an anticipated opening later this year.