Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Health News Spring Summer 2019 May

Health News Magazine Spring/Summer 2019 (May)

Health News from Fort Duncan Medical Center is a publication designed to bring you the latest news as well as health and wellness information you can use throughout the year.

In This Issue:
Help for hard to heal wounds
Spring/Summer 2019 (May)

Help for hard-to-heal-wounds

The Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center at Fort Duncan provides advanced treatment options close to home.
Helping hands
Spring/Summer 2019 (May)

Helping hands

Outpatient rehabilitation at Fort Duncan plays a key role in recovery after carpal tunnel surgery.
cardiac catheterization
Spring/Summer 2019 (May)

What to know about the cardiac catheterization lab

The recently expanded cardiology program at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center now includes a cardiac catheterization lab.
renovated room
Spring/Summer 2019 (May)

Room renovations are underway

The Women’s Center at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center provides advanced obstetrical and gynecological services to patients, including deliveries of approximately 1,000 babies each year.