Insurance Coverage

You are responsible for the care and treatment charges you receive at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center. In most cases, the hospital will accept your assignment of insurance benefits and will forward your hospital bill directly to the insurance company. We will allow 90 days from the date that we bill the insurance company for payment.

If you have not received a notice of payment from your insurer within 60 days of receiving hospital service, we recommend that you contact the insurer directly and encourage speedy payment. If the insurance company has not sent payment to the hospital within 90 days, the status of your account may change from insurance pay to patient pay. At that time, you will be expected to make prompt payment.

All patients should familiarize themselves with the terms of their insurance coverage. This will help you understand the hospital's billing procedures and charges.

If there is a question about your insurance coverage, a member of the Patient Accounting Department will contact you or a member of your family while you are here. Information is needed in order to process your claims.

Accepted Health Plans

Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center has in-network processing but also accepts many insurance carriers. To best understand your benefits and the coverage you will receive, become familiar with your own health insurance plan.