Room renovations are underway

May 23, 2019
renovated room

Cozy and colorful updates are being made to the Women's Center

The Women’s Center at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center provides advanced obstetrical and gynecological services to patients, including deliveries of approximately 1,000 babies each year.

“We are the only facility in Eagle Pass that delivers babies,” says Director of Women’s Services, Jessica Silva, RN, BSN. “That’s one reason that updates to our all-private rooms are so important. They create a nice place for visiting family members and they’re also a special setting for new moms to get the rest they need, along with that special bonding time with baby.”

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“The renovations got underway in October 2018 and include new flooring, furniture and paint,” says Silva. “We’re very happy with the way the rooms that have already been renovated look and we’ve gotten positive feedback from patients who have stayed in them, too.”

A peek inside one of the newly refreshed spaces reveals bright teal accent walls complemented by cool gray tones and vibrant green seating. These eye-catching additions are welcome updates to a center that is important to the community. “We are happy that our patients don’t have to travel out of town to have their babies,” says Silva. “They can experience excellent patient care right here in Eagle Pass.”

“We know that childbirth is a very special time for our patients and we look forward to helping to make the experience memorable, she adds. “One way we’re doing that is by making our rooms brighter, more comfortable and family friendly.”

Group support for breastfeeding moms

While breastfeeding a baby is one of the most natural things in the world, many moms have questions about this pediatrician-recommended practice. To provide answers, Fort Duncan holds a free class for both pregnant moms planning to breastfeed and currently breastfeeding moms who are looking for a little support.

“It’s so helpful for moms to know that we’re here to help guide them as they get comfortable with breastfeeding,” says Ida Lopez, RN, a lactation nurse who leads the class. “There are so many advantages to it,” she adds. “We want to help support breastfeeding in any way we can.”

Lopez is quick to point out some of those benefits. “It creates an amazing bond between mom and baby,” she says. “Plus, mom has lots of antibodies in her system to pass along to baby.” She also notes that it’s less expensive than formula and easier, too. “No one has to get up to warm bottles in the middle of the night.”

The class provides information on everything from sufficient milk production to what, if any, foods to avoid. Lopez notes that moms learn as much from each other in the class as they do from the answers provided. “The camaraderie is so helpful,” she says. “It gives the moms peace of mind and they leave feeling empowered.”

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